Which honest questions sugar baby should ask sugar daddy while dating in real life?

When the sugar babies first time to join the sugar bowl and sugar dating world, they may be told to comply with sugar daddy's wishes in order to get what they want. Don't ask inappropriate or inappropriate questions, such as, "Will you marry me?" "Can I be your legal wife?" Th

ese silly questions should not come up in a relationship like sugar dating. Of course, a smart girl can ask your sugar daddy some honest questions to get to know her partner better.

With that in mind, we've prepared some "honest, good" questions for young girls to ask your sugar daddy on a date to get to know him and make a good impression.

1. What kind of relationship are you looking for?

This is a question that many of us want to ask but don't want to ask because we don't want to "ruin things." Take a few minutes to see if the man is serious about the date. If you screw up just by asking such a basic question, is your relationship really worth your time?

Before I answer this question, let me say that there are no wrong answers except dishonest ones. When your date answers you, think about the authenticity and reliability of his answer, as long as it's a thoughtful and honest answer, and I'm sure you'll be happy to accept it.

Recently, asking this question helped me avoid a date with a "salt daddy" who just wanted casual sex. Although I am not averse to casual sex, if you just want to hook up, then I think he is not suitable to be a sugar daddy, maybe he is a liar.

2. Are you dating other sugar babies now?

I prefer to be direct about what I think -- how many mistakes they make in honesty can reveal a lot about a person. Every sugar daddy is dating sugar babies, and while dating with you, there may be other sugar babies out there, and their honest answers will help us judge them more accurately. It can also help us decide whether or not to arrange with a sugar daddy with a "flower heart". If you want your sugar daddy to be loyal to you and break off other relationships after dating you, this question is necessary.

3. How did your last relationship end?

This question gives you a lot of information about how they are reflecting, what their relationship history is, where they might be at the moment, and how much responsibility they tend to place on others rather than themselves. Watch out for daters who belittle their exes or use words like "crazy" without thinking about their role. Their comments about their exes are a reflection of their character, and if a person blames all the blame and blame on their partner after a breakup, that person may not be worth considering.

4. Why did you try sugar daddy dating

This question can test whether your date really wants to build a relationship with you. If your sugar daddy is married, his answer may be that he is tired of marriage or his current partner. If he's single, he may want to find new thrills and experience dating young women. These answers are normal and most acceptable. However, there are also some people who say this to deceive you.

5. So... What's that?

I asked the man if anyone had done anything obnoxious or rude directly, or had not been aware of it. Again, reminding them that in a way, in a friendly way, is actually a good way to draw their attention to the fact that they may have offended you. In the best case, they will have a chance to recover, or at least they will think twice before doing it to the next person.

6. What's your longest relationship?

If you've been chatting online with the sugar daddy for more than two months and you've probably already had a crush on him, you might want to make a long-term arrangement with him. At this point, ask him this question to see if they have made a commitment in the past. If someone is 45 and has never been in a relationship for more than a year, I'm not saying they should be disqualified -- but knowing this (and why) may help lower your expectations.

7. How am I different from what you expect?

This will give you some good information about how your profile reads, and it will let them tell you how honest they are and let you know if they have feelings for you. Ask confidently. It makes you look safe, which is always sexy. Of course, online dating usually knows you only by your photos, and offline dating may not be as confident as online dating.

8. So, what else do you want to know about me?

I used to fill in the silence on dates with questions -- it was our knee-jerk way of flattering ourselves. Now, I've learned that a long speech by someone who doesn't give you a chance to respond can be a major red flag. Sure, some people are great conversationalists, but watch out (again, if you're a woman dating a man, especially because of the social gender bullshit) if they ask you thoughtful questions in return. If you've been napping for five minutes in a row, allow the next period to be silent and then throw the question to bring the attention back to you.

As a result, if you are a woman or a college girl who wants to find a sugar daddy online to support you or give you what you want, these honest questions could ask him on the first date. Don't worry about whether he will angry with your question, on the contrary, your honest may please him and leave a good impression.

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